my Virtual Reality experience

Welcome to my blog where I share my experience with Virtual Reality and  where I  review everything relating to it, in particular porn as it’s my passion! I hope my readers will fin this of interest as I share my finds in terms of both websites and new technology news, and more great finds form the web.

As many folks out there I love new tech gadgets, everything computer and of course …hot girls! But who doesn’t, uh? 😉 So as soon as a few years back rumors of virtual reality started to spread I was eager for VR goggles in their consumer’s version to come out, and finally! Here they are with the Samsung Gear VR at just $99 which make it pretty affordable for most people (given you have a Galaxy smartphone..) to enjoy a whole new universe in the entertainment field.

And how amazing for us boys, that what boasted most the virtual reality market is the sex industry! Gaming too, of course, will be hugely impulsed and brought to whole new levels by the newly possible virtual experiences, and there are already many good games out there, and many websites where you can have a taste of them. Overall, we are witnessing a flourishing of VR apps and experiences for every kind of headset becoming available; there are some free some paid, and everyone can find something to satisfy their VR curiosity.

And this is why I titled my blog Sexual Luckers, as  indeed, the luck is all ours to get our hands onto this gem that is virtual reality porn. Sexy bodies that feel like real and you can feel and touch. It is indeed a whole new universe and a whole new future for the porn industry. But let’s begin. I’ll tell you how was it for me.

First we will talk about how virtual reality changed the entertainment industry, with a host of new headsets that are hitting the market, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, GearVR and many others are really hitting the competition for the first contender in the virtual reality market. But how to choose your headset with so many options available? Of course there are many levels of complexity to the VR headsets as products, as the technology and compatibility aspects are dominant, but obviously affordability and design play a huge role in making a successful consumer’s product. I will discuss the choice of headsets in a separate page, please visit it.

Many interesting news on VR can be found on Wareable, a website about Wereable Technology which I love and follow.

The second aspect that is of interest  is how the new vr technology affects the consumer’s choices and develops organically new products and services, in specific social and demographics niches (such as virtual and 3D-based adult entertainment), and progressively expands to more social and educational purposes. Which I think is great as it shows to the broader applications and opportunities offered by this up ad running technology and its potential to expand far beyond virtual porn.

But the purpose of this blog is to present you my experience with VR, and this revolves around virtual reality porn (mainly) and gaming. So after you have your brand new headset, you need some great movies to watch. And it can be hard to make one’s mind with so many options out there.  I will introduce here my finds with regards to porn producers such as BaDoink, VR Bangers and Naughty America, and others which are now expanding their repertoire of movies to VR.

Many blogs and websites out there review the subject of Virtual Reality Porn movies, offering overviews on best VR porn movies providers, comparisons on subscription plans, best movies to watch, headsets compatibility and and so on.

Fun thing is that now many producers of sex toys are now designing and producing male and female masturbators which can be synced with some of the VR porn movies, called ‘Teledildonics‘ and allow for a completely immersive experience. The curious marketing approach also suggest you can use them remotely while communicating with your beloved.